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Mowers - Flail mower RM07

This professional high-capacity flail mower is suitable for both rear and front mounting, as well as for front-trailed 3-point linkage. The RM07 is equipped with a rail construction with side shift. Compact design with a heavy-duty driving line. The cutting height is easily adjustable.

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flail mower Votex RM07 (1)


  •  Heavy duty flail mower]

  •  Both rear and front mounting - front-trailed 3-point linkage

  •  Compact design

  •  Possible: double-sided 3 point linkage with 60 cm side-shift

  •  Heavy-duty driving line

  •  Simple cutting-height adjustment

  •  Available versions:
    RM1507 (working width : 1,45 m)
    RM1907 (working width : 1,81 m)
    RM2307 (working width : 2,17 m)
    RM2607 (working width : 2,53 m)