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Greeneater - Greeneater

The Greeneater is a completely new designed, two wheel reared, 3-way tipping trailer for coupling (amongst other components) wood chippers or an aspiration unit. To collect wood chips and landscape refuse. For slow speed. Most tractor driven wood chippers can be coupled to the Greeneater. Extra tow bar with eye or ball-coupling to couple a wood chipper.
Complete LED lighting technology. Flexible suction hose coupling at the front of the vehicle (ø 300 mm) to be used as a compact grass-collecting truck, possibly in combination with the aspiration unit.

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  •  To suck up leaves, litter, wood chips, grass cuttings, etc..

  •  Ideal trailer for transporting biomass

  •  Two wheel reared, 3-way tipping trailer for coupling a wood chipper or aspiration unit

  •  Slow speed only

  •  Content : 12 m³

  •  Colour camera at the back of the vehicle, with flat-screen display in the cabin

  •  Complete 3-point linkage (2500 kg), integrated in the back, with fixed folding arms cat II

  •  3-piece back door with unloading shutter

  •  2-piece side doors

  •  Multi-purpose trailer for salt spreader, tipper, platform, ...

  •  LED lighting