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Mowers - Clipper

These hydraulically driven mowing arms can be used for mowing and maintaining roadsides, ditch sides, green zones alongside fields and meadows, for trimming hedges up to Ø 2,5 cm, cutting branches up to 11 cm, or for mowing and trimming shrubs up to Ø 3,5 cm. These flail mowers are mounted in the rear 3-point linkage of the tractor, but can, optionally, also be mounted in the front 3-point linkage. The rotor systems turns both ways.
This is a multi-purpose machine. With the right combination between type of mowing arm and the right attachment, mowing, trimming, cutting and shredding of green material up to 5 cm, becomes a child’s play. You can choose between 5 different models, depending on the tractor power, the necessary range and the kind of work.

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Clipper D2-35
Clipper D2-35
Vandaele Clipper D3-60
arm mower Clipper (2)
arm mower Clipper (1)
arm mower Clipper (3)
arm mower Clipper (4)


  •  Hydraulically driven flail mower

  •  To be mounted in the 3-point linkage

  •  Teleflex command from inside the tractor cabin

  •  Double pump

  •  PTO shaft included

  •  Range between 3,25 m and 6,20 m

  •  Available in 3 mowing sizes : 0,80 m – 1,0 m – 1,25 m

  •  Brochure Clipper