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Mowers - Jumbo Master

Mowing-suction combination, slow speed, with a capacity of 25 m³ - 30 m³ or 35 m³.
In the front, a mowing arm is mounted with a range of 5,50 meter. This arm has a double, hydraulic collision protection. The Jumbo is self-unloading, with chain drive system on the bottom. The hatchback door is hydraulically operated. Completely equipped with flashing lights, alternating halogen lights, moving lights bar and camera at the back. Controlled by means of a joystick in the cabin.

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Jumbo Master
Jumbo Master
Vandaele Jumbo Master
Vandaele Jumbo Master
Jumbo Master
Jumbo Master


  •  Content : 25 m³ - 30 m³ or 35 m³

  •  Powerful ventilator for sucking up the cut material

  •  Self-unloading, with chain drive system on the bottom

  •  Hydraulically operated hatchback door

  •  Camera at the back of the trailer + monitor in the cabin

  •  A mowing arm, mounted in front, with a 5,50 meter range

  •  Mowing width : 1,25 m – 1,50 m