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Mowers - Flail mower Flailmaster

The Vandaele Flailmaster is the machine for the heavier mowing jobs. For mowing meadows, grassland or fallow area. For mowing green pieces of land next to the highway, wide verges or on steep slopes. The Flailmaster is also capable of mowing and reducing bushes and branches up to Ø 5 cm.
This machine is mounted in the rear 3-point linkage. Mounting in the front however, is also possible.
The Flailmaster comes in 3 mowing widths and in several models.

PICTURES(Click on the picture to obtain more information)

Vandaele FLM 250 & 150
Flailmowers FLM250 & FLM150
flail mower FLM 250 (3)
FLM 150 (2
Flailmaster 1500 mm working width
flail mower Flailmaster (1)
Flialmaster: FLM150, FLM210 & FLM250
Vandaele Flailmaster 150
Side shift on FLM 150 & FLM210
Flailmaster 150
Flailmaster 150
Flailmaster FLM210: mowing width 2100 mm
Flailmaster FLM210: big diameter roll
Flalmaster FLM210
Flalmaster FLM210: side shift
Flailmaster FLM210
FLM250: mowing width 2500 mm
Flailmaster 250: cuts material up to Ø 5 cm
Fixed mounting on FLM250
Flailmaster FLM250 flailmower
Flailmaster FLM250


  •  The ideal machine to maintain highways, wide verges, steep slopes and large areas

  •  Rear flail mower : extra heavy construction

  •  Cuts material up to Ø 5 cm

  •  Available in 3 mowing widths : 1,50 m – 2,10 m and 2,50 m

  •  brochure (Dutch version)