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Mowers - Flail mower Roadmaster Frontline

This version of the Jumbo flail mower is to be mounted in the front of the tractor. It works next to the tractor. This mower has a main frame in which the side-shift and the collision protection are put together in one sliding construction. In this way, you get a very compact mower, which hangs close to the tractor.

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Votex Jumbo Frontline (1)
Votex Jumbo Frontline (2)


  •  Frontal version of the Jumbo flail mower

  •  Working range is next to the tractor

  •  Working range from +90° to -60°

  •  Mounted very close to the tractor

  •  Hydraulic side shift of 42 cm

  •  Hydraulic collision protection (both ways)

  •  Available versions:
    Jumbo 120 (working width : 1,09 m)
    Jumbo 150 (working width : 1,45 m)
    Jumbo 190 (working width : 1,81 m)
    Jumbo 230 (working width : 2,17 m)